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30 x Real-Time Pad Work Rounds with Tony holding the pads and coaching you
(Valued at $180)

10 x Real-Time Audio Workouts with Tony
(Valued at $120)

5 x Downloadable Workout Guides
(Valued at $37)

5 x Monthly Challenges
(Valued at $60)

5 x Different Monthly Focuses (learn more about boxing, fitness and nutrition)
(Valued at $60)

20 x Workout Cards with Tony’s trainer team
(Valued at $180)

60 x Healthy Recipes including Breakfasts, Main Meals, Quick Lunches and Healthy Snacks and Treats
(Valued at $90)

Weekly Workout Planner
(Valued at $30)

Total Value = $757
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* estimated cost for our UK customers £59.99

Thank you for becoming a Built For Go member! Myself and my team have worked hard to put all of the plans together and we really hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to share your journey and results on Instagram and be sure to tag me!
Now let’s get to work- Tony


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